Last Episode – Can’t Read, Can’t Write Channel 4

Did you see me on the tele? If not you can see it on the Channel 4 website. I had no idea how they were going to portray me and what Phil was going to say but I think they did a pretty fair job. When you agree to go on these programmes you never really know how the final programme will be edited, but I was happy with what came out. Phil is a decent bloke and he realised that he wouldn’t be able to help me long term. My dyslexia is too acute really but he is convinced that I would be able to read if I had consistent one to one tuition – something which doesn’t really fit into my life.Miffed Mowser as seen on Channel 4\'s Can\'t Read, Can\'t Write

Not only that, but I don’t think people realise the sheer amount of mental effort that I have to put in to sound out even the most simple of sounds. My phonetic ability is just so poor. I concentrate so hard that I sweat and my head literally starts to throb. On the programme I am not sure that really came across.

I also felt that it showed me in a bit of a negative light that I didn’t try very hard (hence I got a B!!), but I can tell you, I was giving it everything I had – I wanted so much to learn to read just like Teresa and the others. Poor old Jim, my mate, felt the same.

One thing – did you see the bit with me looking out on the garden in a whistful manner? DID YOU SEE MY CAT? Mowser was sitting on the table sporting a rather nifty collar and looking pretty miffed about the whole thing.

In case you missed it, here she is!

Anyway, now that is over with I can concentrate on all the good things in my life which I can be grateful for – and I have many. My book is selling really well since being published on Monday. I really hope it inspires people to make the most of every day and go for their goals and dreams. I am. Many people concentrate on what they haven’t got, instead of what they have got. I was like that. I was so bitter that I couldn’t read and write. I am not like that anymore. I have Jill to help with my reading and writing as well as my software so I just adapt and get round things. It is just a different way of thinking. Winston Churchill was dyslexic. He wrote loads of books – he just dictated them to his version of Jill! Easy when you think that way.

I have found out recently that everything in our lives happens because of the way we think. I now make sure I only have positive goal related thoughts and I act the same way and guess what – I am drawing to me all things that are good. Want to know what I am talking about? Then treat yourself to a book called The Secret. Then you will find out. I bought the CD set – only £9.99. It changed my whole way of thinking and I now truly believe that nothing is beyond my capabilities (although becoming a ballerina may be!!).

My book explains how I came to this realisation. Amazing!

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