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August 16, 2008 · Filed Under Can't Read Can't Write, Dyslexia, Go Play in the Sand, Phil Beadle 

Ruth Miskin Read and Write programmeI am having reading lessons! I am 42 and am having reading and writing lessons for the first time in my life that actually make sense. I learned more about how letters sound in 2 hours yesterday than I have learnt in my whole life.

A lady has taken on the challenge and is convinced that she will be able to have me reading and writing in just weeks. Wow! Now that is a challenge. Maybe I will then be able to write my own blog instead of asking Jill to do it for me.

We are using the Ruth Miskin programme of books and letter cards. I have homework to do (just 15mins a day) for the next 2 weeks until my next lesson. It is designed for children but I don’t mind that – not if it works! I just can’t imagine what it must be like to be able to just glance at words and immediately know what they mean without having to really think about it. I am very excited about it and really feel this could be what I have been looking for. Phil Beadle got through to some of the people on the Can’t Read, Can’t Write programme, but not me. Jim is also having help so we will see who gets to read first! Phil is pleased that I am having some help. He wants to see me succeed. So do I.

It is all about how the sound is made with your mouth. It is really difficult to explain but it is making sense with me. I then have to pass what I have learned on to someone else. It is supposed to be a child but I would like to help someone like me – a big rough guy – to be able to read and write. How mad would that be – me teach someone else!!

Meanwhile, back to the world of pounds, shillings and pence, I have to take an exam on Monday called CSCS. It is specific to the contstruction industry and I have to have it to be able to go and work on site. It is all about Health and Safety. They understand dyslexia in the contruction industry as a lot of workers struggle with the written word which is why they choose the industry in the first place. So, they have sent me a CD Rom with lots of sample questions on with voice over so I can sit in front of the computer and listen to the questions, then listen to the four choices of answers and then choose what I think is the right one. I am taking the Operatives and the Supervisors one (which is quite a bit harder). So, I will let you know how I get on.

We are off to see Mamma Mia tonight, AGAIN (how sad am I?). We loved it so much. Full of sunshine and music – great ‘feel good’ film. If you haven’t seen it yet I really suggest you do.

My book, ‘Go Play in the Sand, John’ is selling really well. We are constantly working on the PR to get the word out there. It is about dyslexia of course as that is such a large part of my life, but it is also about how changing your attitude can change your life – almost with the flick of a switch – it happened to me so it can happen to anyone!

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