So Much Happening!

I have asked Jill to write this for me. I am feeling pretty tired at the moment and writing my blog is quite hard. So, as I have things to say I have asked her very nicely to do it for me.

It is Dyslexia Week coming up starting 9th November. It is also Enterprise Week the week before. I am going to be doing a talk for a group at the University. I love doing talks but I never feel I am very good at them because I always feel there have been things that I have forgotten to say. People seem to enjoy them though.

My book is going really well and all of a sudden we have had loads of orders which is great. We sell through Waterstones and all the other bookshops, but we also sell from the publishers site. Just follow the link through from my book. I havejust spoken to the Kent Messenger and hopefully they will be doing an article about my journey in the local paper. Perhaps also on the radio as well!

I am also having a meeting soon about going into the schools to help out in all sorts fo ways with the dyslexic kids to encourage them to stretch out and have big ambitions despite having reading problems. This is my real passion in life so I am very excited about that.

I am going to be on ‘Sheppey Island Discs’ soon. That is going to be fun. You can have a choice of music and then a luxury item and then A BOOK! Not sure that would be much good for me, but if I keep going with my reading, who knows!! (Jill said my luxury item could be the remote control – she calls it my ‘Noo Noo’ as I always have to have it by me! Very funny!!)

I am definitely improving in my reading. My teacher is very strict and so is Jill. I have to read every day which doesn’t sound much but to me that is really hard work, especially when I am tired. I have read about David Beckham last week and this week it is a poem and a recipe, all specially written to teach me how to say the sounds. It is a work book really with exercises for writing as well (which I am particularly bad at).

Work is busy at the moment with my UV Shield Window Film Business. What recession!! I am going up to London tomorrow to see one of my favourite clients to talk to him about Security Film. I have window filmed his house and his offices and I am hoping he will be able to point me in the right direction for getting more work in London.

Off to post off some more books and see another client so must dash.

Dyslexia Can Dent Your Confidence

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(Jill Writes)

I am so pleased that John has now got the confidence to write his own blog. I will still be getting involved but my posts will be in italics. John has written his post using his Dragon Speak. It took him ages to do it, but he DID IT.

Before I met John, I didn’t know anything about dyslexia. I just thought it was when you got your letters jumbled up. Now I know differently. It can also affect your speech, short term memory, sequencing, numbers, to name but a few. And of course it can dent your confidence big time! So posting a paragraph is no mean feat for John and I’m proud that he has taken the step. Now I just need to remind him to do it!

I’m writing my own blog

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I’m writing my own blog now, I don’t know what to say but here goes.  Yesterday I went for more lessons to read I do feel I am getting somewhere but it feels slow.  Today I went to Canterbury to a drop in centre run by dyslexia East Kent . It was really strange walking in to the room and seeing my book on the table.  I spoke to quite a few people about the software on my computer which I’m using now to write this down and realised how much other dyslexic people need this type of software it transformed my life.