Start your own Business

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Been ill for last few days had man flu, for a while back to the days of brain fog but the clear thinking which is lovely is back.  The one thing it made me do is sit down and think about things in general where my business was going and the things that buzz me and my talks.  In business in the current climate all business people have to think outside the box think different ways of selling your product, dyslexic people we really think outside the box because we have to.  So come on start your own business and become an entrepreneur and have your own destiny in your hands get started now.

A Clear Brain

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Last Saturday I went to a business event up near London.  It was about juice plus a capsule you take twice a day.  I know about juice plus because I have been taking them for a couple of weeks, after a few days of taking them I found that my brain fog had virtually disappeared.  I can only say what happened to me but instead of having 20 odd days a month with brain fog and since I have been taking them I’ve only had one day of brain fog which is so much better as far as I`m concerned.  It is so important as a Dyslexic to have a clear brain so we need to do everything we can to make things clearer including what we eat and exercise.

Talking to School

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Yesterday I went for a meeting at a school near Canterbury. They wanted to talk to me about working with their students who are dyslexic.  They asked a lot of questions how my dyslexia affects me.  What both of us will be working on which I’m quite good at is joining up people to work together.  They would like me to talk to their dyslexic students about running a business with dyslexia and my book Go Play in the sand, John. And mentor the students, and what I would like to do is get local businesses to help to mentor the students as well.  In America the mentoring system is used a lot. it is so refreshing to see good schools looking at things from a different angle.

My talking career has begun.

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Today at Christchurch University in Canterbury I was invited to talk at a British dyslexia event.  To talk about my life and my book.  Scary I got there at 9 a.m. the receptionist said you must be John Tipping which was the first time I had been recognized.  So we went into a small room where we had coffee and I talked to a few people and at 9.30 we all went up to a lecture hall and Janette my friend for quite a few years started talking about the work she does in the British dyslexia Association.  I learnt so much of what they’re trying to do in changing people’s thinking about dyslexia.  I was speaking at 11.45 my turn came and I was introduced. As I was getting up my head was screaming inside but I got up there and took a deep breath, and guess what, off I went like if I had been talking to rooms full of people for years I talked for half an hour and then took questions.  I loved every minute of it.



The Eye Test

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Last week I went to the opticians to be tested, for tinted glasses I was really surprised during the test it was making a difference.  It didn’t make any difference to the words but the speed I was reading I didn’t have to concentrate on the words I just read what was there.  I’m picking my glasses up tomorrow and it should make a big difference to the speed of reading, I’m sure I will talk about it again.  Last Thursday I had to go up to London for a business meeting, it was the first time I had been on the Underground by myself. Even now quite scary but I did it, and for me a big achievement. To read the signs and to go on three different lines.  It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.