I heard on the Radio Today.

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That the Government are worried that people are leaving school not reading & writing. Why is there not more software out there, like read & write & other software? Wake up Mr Brown to how it can change people`s lives!

Wipe away your limiting beliefs.

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Believe in your self. Watch this link. On my friends site Jo Dodds. http://www.jododds.com/http:/www.jododds.com/uncategorized/sometimes-when-you-feel-like-giving-up/

Come and spend a day with me Mr Stringer

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(Written for me by Jill) Graham Stringer, MP for Blackley, Manchester, has ’suggested’ that dyslexia is a myth and is just something made up by a failing education system. If only that were true – I would rush right out there and learn to read and write, as would millions of other people just like me.

Sweeping statements as made by Mr Stringer are just so unhelpful and totally based on ignorance.

So, rather than just sitting and ranting, I have invited Mr Stringer to come and spend the day with me. If you don’t have much contact with anyone who is dyslexic it must be difficult to understand how a dyslexic brain works.

We will see if he takes me up on my offer. THEN, perhaps, he can make an informed judgement of whether dyslexia exists or not!


Dyslexic Businessman invites MP Graham Springer to spend the day with him.

Profoundly dyslexic Kent Businessman, John Tipping (Channel 4, Can’t Read Can’t Write, Aug 08) invites Manchester MP Graham Springer to spend a day with him so that he can give the politician a greater understanding of how the dyslexic brain works. This follows the MPs claim that the education establishment has ‘invented a brain disorder called dyslexia ‘.

Mr Tipping states that there is a huge amount of misunderstanding around his ‘hidden disability’ and welcomes the opportunity of helping to throw some light on the situation through this invitation.

‘Dyslexia is so much more than just having difficulties with reading and writing. I struggle with short term memory issues and have real difficulty with putting things in order and keeping up with fast conversations.  I just take longer to process information. The knock on effect of low self esteem and low self worth can be devastating’.

Father of three, John Tipping, runs two businesses with the assistance of read and write software and support from his wife Jill.

‘I welcome this opportunity of giving Mr Stringer first hand evidence of how frustrating this condition can be in this fast moving world that we live in.’