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Study may improve teaching

Dyslexia can affect youngsters’ hearing as well as reading ability, scientists have claimed.

Kids with the condition have difficulty listening to teachers above background classroom noise.

The findings could see new ways of diagnosing sufferers based on hearing tests. It may also see them put at the front of class or provided with wireless devices to pick up information better.

Research leader Prof Nina Kraus, of Northwestern University, illinois, US, said: “It brings us closer to understanding sensory processing in children who experience difficulty excluding irrelevant noise.

“It provides an index that can help in assessing children with reading problems.” UK experts said the study could help schools improve how they taught dyslexics.

One in 10 of the British population is thought to suffer to some degree.

Dr Kate Saunders of the British Dyslexia Association said: “A range of research demonstrates the way dyslexic individuals process auditory material is different to non-dyslexic learners.

“Teachers should be made aware of these differences to plan how best to help these children.”

In the study, both dyslexic kids with poor reading and pupils without the condition were made to listen to a repeated sound amid a noisy background. Prof Kraus said: “The ability to fine-tune repeating elements is crucial to hearing speech in noise.”

Colleague Dr Bharath Chandrasekaran, added: “Good readers tuned into the sound and sharpened it. Poor readers did not.”

2 MILLION adults in the UK suffer from severe dyslexia

My Word of 2010

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Had a good tip today what is your word of 2010 going to be, straight away I thought it has to be FOCUS a word I always use but seldom took my own advice so that is my word of 2010. To be a entrepreneur, that is the best tip I can give.

Holly Willoughby announced she is dyslexic on Twitter

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Spelling may be very important with content, and certainly where Google is concerned, but it shouldn’t be considered the be all and end all where blogs and tweets are concerned.

The odd spelling mistake is fine. It’s accepted. What isn’t accepted is when you make a spelling mistake and you receive dozens, or hundreds, of comments and messages deriding you for the mistake. Read more

This has always annoyed me, when people feel so smug to tell you that you have made a spelling mistake or all your Grammar is wrong I loved the reply what Jamie Oliver said on his twitter good on you mate.

Music To The Mind – Activating Human Potential

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So what is it that makes music so special? We listen to music using our two ears and the signal received by our ears is send to the brain for processing. To be able to filter, comprehend and use this information the brain needs to organise all the incoming data. It will look for patterns and similarities and it will try to match these to previous experiences stored in memory. Fortunately almost all music is highly structured and organised, with only small, often predictable, variations providing the tune or melody. Music thus provides pre-organised information to the brain, which is very easily assimilated and processed. The rhythm and beats within music often mimic our breathing and heart rate. Thus music with a slow rhythm can relax us, while disc jockeys in clubs make use of the beats-per-minute to whip the audience on the dance floor into an ever-increasing frenzy. Read more

Now you come to mention it,when I listen to music my dyslexia reduces and I read a bit easier.I will try this more often. John Tipping

Developmental Dyslexia

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This makes perfect sense to me, specially going back to my school days I remember saying I just can’t hear you that’s why I went for so many hearing tests. Not knowing that it was background noise I couldn’t distinguish from.  Read more on this article

Merry Christmas only one day to go.

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I love Christmas loads of cards and loads of presents loads of people sending you texts on your mobile the only problem is you can’t read all the messages.  Just thought it would be a  way of describing how a dyslexic have to adjust on a daily basis.

Have a wonderful Christmas and hope you get every sink you want.

Merry Christmas From John Tipping

My Child’s Special

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Parents of dyslexic children tell MEERA MURUGESAN about their frustrations over society’s continued ignorance and tactlessness when faced with the learning disability.

MUCH has been written about dyslexia but does this mean there’s better acceptance of children with the learning disability, especially in our results oriented, exam-driven society? Ask any parent of a dyslexic child and they’ll tell you they take joy and pride in their child’s achievements but getting others to understand if not appreciate their child’s uniqueness can be frustrating and challenging. It makes me sad that nothing has challenged since I went to school over 25 years ago.  Read more

Should we make University courses shorter.

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On the radio today they were saying with the budget’s of Universities being cut, cram more in to a course instead of a 3 year course make into 2 years. I think it would be a good idea to do this because I know a lot of courses work out at about 12 hours a week. Making it a 2 year course would mean it’s not costing so much for a University and not getting the person doing the course so much in debt. A winner all round as far as I’m concerned but I don’t mind being challenged about it just sent me an e-mail.

Opportunity Is Ripe for Twitter to Offer Marketing Tools in 2010

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There’s little doubt Twitter will be hailed as one of the success stories of 2009, having continued to grow throughout the year from the solid base it achieved during 2008, and attracting a steady stream of media attention along the way.

According to Nielsen, traffic to the network’s Web site alone increased 1,448 percent year-over-year in the month of May, from 1.2 million unique visitors in 2008 to 18.2 million in May 2009. That data excludes use from third-party software such as Tweetdeck and mobile applications, suggesting the actual numbers could be higher.

A very interesting article Read more

It’s good to look back sometimes and realise how far you’ve come.

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Specially this time a year is good to look back. As far too often we are rushing around getting ready for Christmas. Its good to sit down for 10 minutes specially has a dyslexic or anyone.  In my case seven years ago I was just coming out of my years of depression. So even when I’ve had a bad day like today, I’ve sat down and thought back to the way I used to feel. I have come so far, the good thing about it I will keep growing as a person because if you don’t grow you just exist and that’s a novel way of being dead.  follow me on twitter

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