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I know I have spoke about this before, but it is so important to focus on things.  I had taken my eye off the ball in my core business my window film company.  Since I have refocused my efforts on upgrading the website which is still got some way to go, but to have a successful website it will always be changing.  I know this sounds a bit weird since I have been remembering to take my omega 3 tablets and eaten more oily fish my memory has become a lot better.  The other day I had a text come in and I normally hate them but on this occasion I looked at it, was quite a long text for me anyway the clarity I had at that moment was earthshattering by read the whole text with no problem a all.

A Brilliant Day

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Yesterday has to be said was a bad day everything I tried went wrong, and as I went to bed I thought what is tomorrow going to bring. Little did I know it would be a brilliant day and it hasn’t finished yet, going out with a different attitude can make such a difference. So what I’m trying to say is just because you have a bad day don’t make the next one the same as before. It is so important to have a good attitude specially if you are dyslexic. And believe in yourself. A good saying is All I Need Is within Me Now.


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I suppose what I want to prove to people is just because you have a disability you can still achieve & be very successful.

Flash cards is a good way to learn

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Take a look at this article. Click Here When I was learning phonics I found flash cards was a good way of getting the word into my long term memory. It’s very true to use the flash cards in short bursts and leave 24 hours till the next time.  And to have the weekends off especially if it’s children you are helping.

Everyone has Greatness within Them

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It’s easy to forget how amazing our  brains are we all have greatness running through us.  It’s just easy to forget from time to time. Dyslexic brains think in a completely different way so that means we will think out the box and we are amazing lateral thinkers. Our brains are designed that way we just have to believe in ourselves. That’s why I say Everyone has Greatness within Them when you believe that your life will never be the same again believe in yourself, and Nothing is Impossible.  Dyslexic Entrepreneur

The Joys of Dyslexia

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Classic dyslexic mistake, wrote a cheque put the right words down but got the numbers the wrong way round the Joys of dyslexia.

‘The Fonz’ supports Learning Differences

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The Fonz says ‘That Every Child Has Greatness in Them’  I will change that ‘Every Dyslexic Person Has Greatness in Them’ watch the video of the fonz in 10 Downing St.  The Fonz at no,10

Top marks for a dyslexic school

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Ofsted inspectors have rated the care given to pupils at the specialist Appleford School in Shrewton as outstanding, for the third consecutive year.

Appleford is a day and boarding school for children with dyslexia and associated learning difficulties. read more

This is the type of school we need more of in this country to bring out the voice of all dyslexics and raise their self-esteem.

My Snowy Day

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When the snow came down last night driving back from Dover, got to one village away from home and had to park the car and walk the other 2 miles home. This morning had some superb porridge which then gave me the energy to go out and clear the road so we could get up the hill.  After that we decided to walk back to the car to see how the roads were which was fine because the snow plough had been through the village. Drove the car back home getting down the hill onto the drive and waited for the next snowfall then I was really lazy what’s the good Hercule Poirot film.  Then thought I should do some work cleared my e-mails and wrote some twitters but didn’t do a lot really.  I did make amazing vegetable soup but I would say it’s amazing wouldn’t I.  The one thing I noticed about today I had a lot of brain fog must be the cold. More snow forecast overnight have got to drive to Herne Bay tomorrow, will see if the snow lets me will have to do some real work comes to all of us eventually.

‘The Fonz’ Talks of Dyslexia Battle

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This is such a brilliant article about a personal battle with dyslexia.  And the way Henry Winkleris joining forces with the Government to help change the way dyslexic kids get taught in schools. “Hoorah” I would so love to get involved. Read more

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