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A great start to a Friday

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A great start to a Friday invoicing what could be better. It wouldn’t be possible without the freedom of the reading and writing software on my computer. It makes me feel complete somehow, means you can take responsibility for your own reading and writing needs.

Not a lot of Space to Work in

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Hard work today on the window film front not a lot of space to work in.

New Design on my Website

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Take a look at my newly designed UV Shield window film website. click here

I’m in the paper!

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Saw this in our local paper. It’s about the Barclays Trading Places Awards. Who knows where this may lead!

Going to be on the radio

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I feel like a superstar. Next week I am going to be on the radio. I am on Sheppey Island Discs. Big Time! It will be fun. Not sure what frequency it is on. Heather will be interviewing me. I have choose 10 records. And a book!!! how ironic. I have to choose my favourite film Shawshank Redemption and something which is a luxury. Have to think about that one. Who knows. Next will be Steve Wright in the afternoon I am Sheppey Island Discs on Wednesday 17th in the evening. I think it is 7 o’clock wish me luck.

UV Shield John Tipping

UV Shield John Tipping

Jill did some marketing leaflets for me this week to promote my UV Shield window film to schools. What do you think of the picture. Handsome devil yes.

I am introducing myself to all the schools in the area. I am telling them that I fit Safety Film and special coloured film to help the children learn.

Nurseries need it too. I can fit it on to glass on both sides to make the glass safe if it shatters. The other day I fitted some to a head teachers window it was one way film so people can’t see in during the daylight. You have to remember though it works the other way round at night, one way the other way if that makes sense.

Last week I went to a dyslexia meeting the speaker was talking about short term memory. Can’t remember much about it. Sold 5 books though.

So Much Happening!

I have asked Jill to write this for me. I am feeling pretty tired at the moment and writing my blog is quite hard. So, as I have things to say I have asked her very nicely to do it for me.

It is Dyslexia Week coming up starting 9th November. It is also Enterprise Week the week before. I am going to be doing a talk for a group at the University. I love doing talks but I never feel I am very good at them because I always feel there have been things that I have forgotten to say. People seem to enjoy them though.

My book is going really well and all of a sudden we have had loads of orders which is great. We sell through Waterstones and all the other bookshops, but we also sell from the publishers site. Just follow the link through from my book. I havejust spoken to the Kent Messenger and hopefully they will be doing an article about my journey in the local paper. Perhaps also on the radio as well!

I am also having a meeting soon about going into the schools to help out in all sorts fo ways with the dyslexic kids to encourage them to stretch out and have big ambitions despite having reading problems. This is my real passion in life so I am very excited about that.

I am going to be on ‘Sheppey Island Discs’ soon. That is going to be fun. You can have a choice of music and then a luxury item and then A BOOK! Not sure that would be much good for me, but if I keep going with my reading, who knows!! (Jill said my luxury item could be the remote control – she calls it my ‘Noo Noo’ as I always have to have it by me! Very funny!!)

I am definitely improving in my reading. My teacher is very strict and so is Jill. I have to read every day which doesn’t sound much but to me that is really hard work, especially when I am tired. I have read about David Beckham last week and this week it is a poem and a recipe, all specially written to teach me how to say the sounds. It is a work book really with exercises for writing as well (which I am particularly bad at).

Work is busy at the moment with my UV Shield Window Film Business. What recession!! I am going up to London tomorrow to see one of my favourite clients to talk to him about Security Film. I have window filmed his house and his offices and I am hoping he will be able to point me in the right direction for getting more work in London.

Off to post off some more books and see another client so must dash.

Passing On What I am Learning

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The lady who is teaching me to read (who by the way has the patience of a saint!) has said to me that in return I must teach a child to read. Well, to be fair I didn’t fancy that, but I did think it would be a good idea to find someone who has problems reading and help them. Some time ago I came across this guy called Mark and we get on very well – we are quite similar in a lot of ways. He doesn’t read properly and struggles with sounds so I decided to ask him if he would like me to teach him. By the way, have you any idea how ironic that is – I am teaching someone to read!! I have to keep pinching myself.

Anyway – we have had our first lesson. I go to his house one week and he comes to mine every other one. I have drawn letters for him on cards but my teacher has now given me some cards for him. Funny, he struggled with the sounf ‘ix’ just like me. I don’t now though!

My teacher has given me a set of books to read. I read them to Jill in bed! She really likes that – no idea why. Anyway, they are kids books and are very simple but they are building on the sounds that I am learning. I can see how they would be fun for the kids as well. Lots of people say ‘don’t you find it patronising reading children’s books? Why the hell would I – I am learning to read words and that’s what matters, not what the subject matter is.

It is Dyslexia Week coming up at the beginning of November and I have been asked to give a talk on what it is like living with Dyslexia. I will also be able to promote my book which will be cool. I am hoping to do a book signing at Canterbury Waterstones. We are just waiting for the manager to get back to us.

Rugby season has started – thank goodness. We went up to Twickenham to see the London Double Header last Saturday. It was a good day even though it rained most of the time. We had great seats. Jill got us 10 tickets through her Rugby for the Girls website that she runs. Our Under 15 boys are back in training again. I used to be the coach but I just help out now as they needed someone who was still playing to coach them. I tried to become a qualified coach but couldn’t get through the assessment. Wonder why?

I was on the radio the other. Our local radio station KMFM phoned me to ask my opinion on the new ruling that 16 year olds would not be able to leave education for a further year. I gave my opinion as an employer but also as someone who would have hated being made to stay on another year. However, if they are receiving life skills in that extra year that has to be worth it.

We are very busy fitting Security film in my UV Shield Business. It helps deter burglars. The work is mainly in London so I am doing quite a bit of travelling. But it is worth it. Still having time for my reading practice though – just about……