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Just 3 Steps to Develop a Brand.

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3 Steps to Developing a Popular and Authentic Brand.  Click Here


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Never, never, never give up. Winston Churchill

Ordering my book online

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A new way of ordering my book online click here

The Daily Dyslexic Battle

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Last night I watched Lord of the Rings I’m sure you have seen a film.  The thing it reminded me of with dyslexia it can take ages to get to the place you want to get to with your reading and writing and you sometimes fall down like they did time and time again in the film.  But they always found the energy from somewhere to get back up all their friends help them to achieve their goals.  What I’m trying to say is that because we struggle with dyslexia to get to our goals there is always something there to help you, like reading and writing software or somebody to tell you that elusive word you are struggling with.

My 15 minutes of fame.

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Just found my 15 minutes of fame on the Kent local news again BBC NEWS | England | Conquering dyslexia. click here


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I know I have spoke about this before, but it is so important to focus on things.  I had taken my eye off the ball in my core business my window film company.  Since I have refocused my efforts on upgrading the website which is still got some way to go, but to have a successful website it will always be changing.  I know this sounds a bit weird since I have been remembering to take my omega 3 tablets and eaten more oily fish my memory has become a lot better.  The other day I had a text come in and I normally hate them but on this occasion I looked at it, was quite a long text for me anyway the clarity I had at that moment was earthshattering by read the whole text with no problem a all.

More entrepreneurs please

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Been talking to a few people over the last few weeks and months and e-mails which have come in to me.  It shows that more and more people want to and need to become entrepreneurs to help their self and grow their business.  It’s one good way of making yourself financially independent. One way is network marketing, which has a bad name which is unfair as long as you do your research first.  Would you start a business without research not many people do.  It’s important to get advice and think about it but don’t procrastinate, take baby steps and then after a while start walking and maybe start running you’ll be surprised how could you can be in business.  Send me an e-mail if you want to know more about a good network marketing company.