So Much Happening!

I have asked Jill to write this for me. I am feeling pretty tired at the moment and writing my blog is quite hard. So, as I have things to say I have asked her very nicely to do it for me.

It is Dyslexia Week coming up starting 9th November. It is also Enterprise Week the week before. I am going to be doing a talk for a group at the University. I love doing talks but I never feel I am very good at them because I always feel there have been things that I have forgotten to say. People seem to enjoy them though.

My book is going really well and all of a sudden we have had loads of orders which is great. We sell through Waterstones and all the other bookshops, but we also sell from the publishers site. Just follow the link through from my book. I havejust spoken to the Kent Messenger and hopefully they will be doing an article about my journey in the local paper. Perhaps also on the radio as well!

I am also having a meeting soon about going into the schools to help out in all sorts fo ways with the dyslexic kids to encourage them to stretch out and have big ambitions despite having reading problems. This is my real passion in life so I am very excited about that.

I am going to be on ‘Sheppey Island Discs’ soon. That is going to be fun. You can have a choice of music and then a luxury item and then A BOOK! Not sure that would be much good for me, but if I keep going with my reading, who knows!! (Jill said my luxury item could be the remote control – she calls it my ‘Noo Noo’ as I always have to have it by me! Very funny!!)

I am definitely improving in my reading. My teacher is very strict and so is Jill. I have to read every day which doesn’t sound much but to me that is really hard work, especially when I am tired. I have read about David Beckham last week and this week it is a poem and a recipe, all specially written to teach me how to say the sounds. It is a work book really with exercises for writing as well (which I am particularly bad at).

Work is busy at the moment with my UV Shield Window Film Business. What recession!! I am going up to London tomorrow to see one of my favourite clients to talk to him about Security Film. I have window filmed his house and his offices and I am hoping he will be able to point me in the right direction for getting more work in London.

Off to post off some more books and see another client so must dash.

Dyslexia Can Dent Your Confidence

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(Jill Writes)

I am so pleased that John has now got the confidence to write his own blog. I will still be getting involved but my posts will be in italics. John has written his post using his Dragon Speak. It took him ages to do it, but he DID IT.

Before I met John, I didn’t know anything about dyslexia. I just thought it was when you got your letters jumbled up. Now I know differently. It can also affect your speech, short term memory, sequencing, numbers, to name but a few. And of course it can dent your confidence big time! So posting a paragraph is no mean feat for John and I’m proud that he has taken the step. Now I just need to remind him to do it!

Passing On What I am Learning

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The lady who is teaching me to read (who by the way has the patience of a saint!) has said to me that in return I must teach a child to read. Well, to be fair I didn’t fancy that, but I did think it would be a good idea to find someone who has problems reading and help them. Some time ago I came across this guy called Mark and we get on very well – we are quite similar in a lot of ways. He doesn’t read properly and struggles with sounds so I decided to ask him if he would like me to teach him. By the way, have you any idea how ironic that is – I am teaching someone to read!! I have to keep pinching myself.

Anyway – we have had our first lesson. I go to his house one week and he comes to mine every other one. I have drawn letters for him on cards but my teacher has now given me some cards for him. Funny, he struggled with the sounf ‘ix’ just like me. I don’t now though!

My teacher has given me a set of books to read. I read them to Jill in bed! She really likes that – no idea why. Anyway, they are kids books and are very simple but they are building on the sounds that I am learning. I can see how they would be fun for the kids as well. Lots of people say ‘don’t you find it patronising reading children’s books? Why the hell would I – I am learning to read words and that’s what matters, not what the subject matter is.

It is Dyslexia Week coming up at the beginning of November and I have been asked to give a talk on what it is like living with Dyslexia. I will also be able to promote my book which will be cool. I am hoping to do a book signing at Canterbury Waterstones. We are just waiting for the manager to get back to us.

Rugby season has started – thank goodness. We went up to Twickenham to see the London Double Header last Saturday. It was a good day even though it rained most of the time. We had great seats. Jill got us 10 tickets through her Rugby for the Girls website that she runs. Our Under 15 boys are back in training again. I used to be the coach but I just help out now as they needed someone who was still playing to coach them. I tried to become a qualified coach but couldn’t get through the assessment. Wonder why?

I was on the radio the other. Our local radio station KMFM phoned me to ask my opinion on the new ruling that 16 year olds would not be able to leave education for a further year. I gave my opinion as an employer but also as someone who would have hated being made to stay on another year. However, if they are receiving life skills in that extra year that has to be worth it.

We are very busy fitting Security film in my UV Shield Business. It helps deter burglars. The work is mainly in London so I am doing quite a bit of travelling. But it is worth it. Still having time for my reading practice though – just about……

Channel 4 Can’t Read Can’t Write

Did you see me on the tele? Jill has been reading me a lot of the reaction to the programme last night. it seems that it touched a lot of people emotionally. I was terrified waiting for it to come on. I knew I wouldn’t be on very much because my one is coming up last in two weeks time. I tell you what though – I was really miffed that Phil didn’t try the pipe cleaner thing with me – I think it would have worked. Oh well. He did what he thought was right for me but I think he found me a bit tough going. Jill says that when I find things really hard, I get angry and push them away which looks as though I can’t be bothered which couldn’t be further from the truth – it is just so hard – it’s exhausting – so I suppose in a way I do give up but my brain just won’t hold the information long enough for me to make sense of sentences and things. It’s so difficult to describe.

We wanted to be able to get across what it is like to be unable to read and write properly and so I have written a book with the help of Frances who was my ‘ghost writer’. it has just gone to print now and it is called ‘Go Play in the Sand, John’. I have told my story in the hope that it will help people to understand but also I want it to inpsire people into going out there and making stuff happen, even though they may have things in their life that hold them back. It’s not what happens to you in life, it is how you deal with it. For instance, I can’t write this blog – I do not have the right brain to be able to do it, so my Jill does it for me – I am still making it happen aren’t I? Just in a different way. Also, I can surf the internet because Access to Work bought me a computer with special software on which allows me to hear the text and I can write short sentences with Dragon Speak software. That means I can write my own invoices and quotations – I always get Jill to check them mind!

Writing a book is a bit ironic – I can’t read it! But we want to put it on to audio so people can listen to it if they struggle with reading. It costs though so we have to take one step at a time.

You can see some excerpts here on the publishers site
I have to get my head straight now and go out and earn some money – not sure I will be able to live off my new found fame just yet!!!!

Our First Post

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John and Jill TippingHello everyone – this blog is going to be a bit of a joint effort between me (John) and my wife Jill who tends to be my reading and writing companion, amongst other things!

I am described as ‘profoundly dyslexic’ which is better than what I used to be described as which was thick and stupid! I am writing this blog (with Jill’s help) for two reasons – firstly to prove it to myself and others that I am not stupid, just different, and also I would love to think that my mad ramblings might be able to help others make something of themselves in this world. I am now 42 but up until I was 37, I just existed, although I didn’t realise it at the time. I spent most of my time depressed but I just thought that was how youwere supposed to feel. I was only confortable being a victim of society which just seemed to be full of words, words, words – my greatest enemy.

Then after some help from a few people that cared and understood me, I started to realise what life is all about and began to ‘live’. When you are dyslexic, every day is a massive challenge. If you can read and write you cannot possibly know the feeling of panic that can set in when you suddenly reaslise that you have to read something or simply fill in your address. The irony of it is that that feeling of panic can cause your mind to completely blank out which doesn’t help does it.

BUT, I now know that I just have to find ways around the problems as they arise, which they do all day, especially in my businesses – from road signs to parking meters, lunch menus to instruction leafleats, I have to try to read all day every day and that can be quite scary – especially when you don’t want to come across as a prat! I find the best way is to be totally honest with people – they normally help if they understand your problems.

I use software on my computer to help me send emails and research the interenet. It speaks to me and I can write by speaking into it. That is quite tricky though becasue I am not really sure what a sentence is shaped like, if you see what I mean, so I often end up asking Jill. It takes me ages to do things but at least I don’t have to constantly rely on Jill as this can be really irritating for her – especialy if she is in the middle of something.

I am feeling pretty knackered today. I have had only about 3 hours sleep. Last night we were up at TheA really lovely guy! He may be small but I wouldn\'t take him on. Dorchester at The Great British Boxing Legends. We met Henry Cooper, Barry McGuigan, Ricky Hatton and Frank Bruno. Jill works with rugby player Ben Cohen and it was part of his testimonial events. I drove up and back with Jill and Trish in the back of the car like I was the chaufeur – they were all glammed up and it was a great evening but I still had to get up this morning and make phone calls, put some signs up, clear out my van, do some estimates for my window film business and really I just wanted to crash out on the sofa. The old John would have done just that, but now I push myself forward the whole time and it feels great to achieve and make things happen whereas before I was just a quitter.

(Right – Jill and Frank Bruno and Ben Cohen’s testimonial event – Dorchester, Park lane)

I am just about to start helping out the researchers who are looking into Dyslexia. Should be interesting! This will be in a few weeks time so as I have never really been assessed officially it will be good to find out what exactly is going on in my slightly bizarre brain. Meanwhile, I will keep updating my blog (with Jill’s help). Leave me your comments and experiences – it would be good to know how other people cope.