Comparison Sites

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Very interesting article

The Snow

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Oh the weather outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful,
And since we’ve no place to go,
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Dunkirk heroes

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On this day 70 yrs ago over 338,000 troops safely recovered from Dunkirk heroes everyone; Remember them. click here

A training day

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Today I had a training day on my software from access to work.  It is amazing what you can do with things you’ve used every day.  I don’t know why I haven’t used a training button on the software before, makes me wonder what else I could be missing.

A New Phone

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Today I got a new phone you’re wondering what special about a new phone.  Well the software in it is brilliant when I get an e-mail I highlight the text and it reads it to me.  When I’m out working on sites or in buildings or looking at paperwork. I can take a picture of what I need to read highlight what I want and it reads to me brilliantly.  And at long last I have got my dragon speak software work in again.

Going to be on the radio

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I feel like a superstar. Next week I am going to be on the radio. I am on Sheppey Island Discs. Big Time! It will be fun. Not sure what frequency it is on. Heather will be interviewing me. I have choose 10 records. And a book!!! how ironic. I have to choose my favourite film Shawshank Redemption and something which is a luxury. Have to think about that one. Who knows. Next will be Steve Wright in the afternoon I am Sheppey Island Discs on Wednesday 17th in the evening. I think it is 7 o’clock wish me luck.

UV Shield John Tipping

UV Shield John Tipping

Jill did some marketing leaflets for me this week to promote my UV Shield window film to schools. What do you think of the picture. Handsome devil yes.

I am introducing myself to all the schools in the area. I am telling them that I fit Safety Film and special coloured film to help the children learn.

Nurseries need it too. I can fit it on to glass on both sides to make the glass safe if it shatters. The other day I fitted some to a head teachers window it was one way film so people can’t see in during the daylight. You have to remember though it works the other way round at night, one way the other way if that makes sense.

Last week I went to a dyslexia meeting the speaker was talking about short term memory. Can’t remember much about it. Sold 5 books though.

Start your own Business

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Been ill for last few days had man flu, for a while back to the days of brain fog but the clear thinking which is lovely is back.  The one thing it made me do is sit down and think about things in general where my business was going and the things that buzz me and my talks.  In business in the current climate all business people have to think outside the box think different ways of selling your product, dyslexic people we really think outside the box because we have to.  So come on start your own business and become an entrepreneur and have your own destiny in your hands get started now.

Talking to School

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Yesterday I went for a meeting at a school near Canterbury. They wanted to talk to me about working with their students who are dyslexic.  They asked a lot of questions how my dyslexia affects me.  What both of us will be working on which I’m quite good at is joining up people to work together.  They would like me to talk to their dyslexic students about running a business with dyslexia and my book Go Play in the sand, John. And mentor the students, and what I would like to do is get local businesses to help to mentor the students as well.  In America the mentoring system is used a lot. it is so refreshing to see good schools looking at things from a different angle.

My talking career has begun.

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Today at Christchurch University in Canterbury I was invited to talk at a British dyslexia event.  To talk about my life and my book.  Scary I got there at 9 a.m. the receptionist said you must be John Tipping which was the first time I had been recognized.  So we went into a small room where we had coffee and I talked to a few people and at 9.30 we all went up to a lecture hall and Janette my friend for quite a few years started talking about the work she does in the British dyslexia Association.  I learnt so much of what they’re trying to do in changing people’s thinking about dyslexia.  I was speaking at 11.45 my turn came and I was introduced. As I was getting up my head was screaming inside but I got up there and took a deep breath, and guess what, off I went like if I had been talking to rooms full of people for years I talked for half an hour and then took questions.  I loved every minute of it.



I’m writing my own blog

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I’m writing my own blog now, I don’t know what to say but here goes.  Yesterday I went for more lessons to read I do feel I am getting somewhere but it feels slow.  Today I went to Canterbury to a drop in centre run by dyslexia East Kent . It was really strange walking in to the room and seeing my book on the table.  I spoke to quite a few people about the software on my computer which I’m using now to write this down and realised how much other dyslexic people need this type of software it transformed my life.