IPhone Siri and Dyslexia

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I haven’t been on here for ages. I have cracked the whip and Jill is typing for me so that I can do more than one liners.

Great news! My book is now on Kindle. Here is the link.

Life has been really busy for me as I run my business and today it was brought home to me how much I rely on my IPhone. I use ‘Siri’ all the time and he reads out my tweets and emails so I was really lost when it stopped working out in the cold today. Jill reset it when I got home and now I know that you have to press the top button and then the normal button, both at the same time until it turns off. Then when you turn it on again, it has reset! Magic.

Do other dyslexic people out there rely on Siri like I do?

I still don’t really understand why Siri can read out Twitter to me but not Facebook. Does anyone have any ideas?

Anyway, I’ll be putting in more of an effort on my blog now so keep in touch and email me on john@dyslexic-entrepreneur.com if you would like to keep in touch.



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Never, never, never give up. Winston Churchill

Office Work

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Yesterday I spent the day in the office at is so hard on a dyslexic brain.

Kent libraries dyslexia awareness workshop

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Today I ran 3 workshops throughout the day for Kent Libraries it was great to see open-minded people wanting to help dyslexic people who coming to their libraries.  I forget how tiring it is to just talk all day.

A feeling of self-worth

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When you are a dyslexic person when you do a good job in your business or at work it importantly raises your self-worth which can be on the floor when you are  dyslexic. Finishing  the window  film job on a 1960s route master bus with all the problems got around the feeling of pride was very important to me.

Working with Kent Libraries

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Looking forward to working with Kent libraries tomorrow on how their staff can help more dyslexic people in their libraries.

Jersey businesses invited to dyslexia in the workplace conference

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For those business owners in Jersey who want to find out more about dyslexia in the workplace. I think this is the type of thing we need to be spread all over the country.            Click Here

A very honest interview

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A very honest interview. BBC News – Charley Boorman on a childhood spent with dyslexia.

A great start to a Friday

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A great start to a Friday invoicing what could be better. It wouldn’t be possible without the freedom of the reading and writing software on my computer. It makes me feel complete somehow, means you can take responsibility for your own reading and writing needs.

Self Serve Checkouts

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The last couple of days I have been to B&Q and Tesco’s and used their self serve checkouts for the first time I was extremely impressed with B&Q. Tesco’s needs a bit more work on their software to become more dyslexia friendly. One of my goals in life Is getting the supermarkets more dyslexia friendly.  Kent libraries are a shining example with dealing with dyslexics ironically there are millions of books with a little help from me with the workshops they hold for their staff once a year.

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