IPhone Siri and Dyslexia

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I haven’t been on here for ages. I have cracked the whip and Jill is typing for me so that I can do more than one liners.

Great news! My book is now on Kindle. Here is the link.

Life has been really busy for me as I run my business and today it was brought home to me how much I rely on my IPhone. I use ‘Siri’ all the time and he reads out my tweets and emails so I was really lost when it stopped working out in the cold today. Jill reset it when I got home and now I know that you have to press the top button and then the normal button, both at the same time until it turns off. Then when you turn it on again, it has reset! Magic.

Do other dyslexic people out there rely on Siri like I do?

I still don’t really understand why Siri can read out Twitter to me but not Facebook. Does anyone have any ideas?

Anyway, I’ll be putting in more of an effort on my blog now so keep in touch and email me on john@dyslexic-entrepreneur.com if you would like to keep in touch.


Comparison Sites

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Very interesting article http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2012/apr/17/price-comparison-sites-disabled-older-people-struggle?newsfeed=true

My Child’s Special

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Parents of dyslexic children tell MEERA MURUGESAN about their frustrations over society’s continued ignorance and tactlessness when faced with the learning disability.

MUCH has been written about dyslexia but does this mean there’s better acceptance of children with the learning disability, especially in our results oriented, exam-driven society? Ask any parent of a dyslexic child and they’ll tell you they take joy and pride in their child’s achievements but getting others to understand if not appreciate their child’s uniqueness can be frustrating and challenging. It makes me sad that nothing has challenged since I went to school over 25 years ago.  Read more

Start your own Business

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Been ill for last few days had man flu, for a while back to the days of brain fog but the clear thinking which is lovely is back.  The one thing it made me do is sit down and think about things in general where my business was going and the things that buzz me and my talks.  In business in the current climate all business people have to think outside the box think different ways of selling your product, dyslexic people we really think outside the box because we have to.  So come on start your own business and become an entrepreneur and have your own destiny in your hands get started now.